Adjustment method of chain saw carburetor

As the logging conditions change, we need to make minor adjustments to the carburetor. As a chain saw operator, the carburetor adjustment method is naturally a skill that must be learned and mastered. Next, we introduce the adjustment method for the chain saw carburetor in terms of structure and function.

1, adjust the screw position

Close to the chain saw, on the side of the chain saw starter assembly, there are three holes near the starter handle. There are three letters T, L, and H next to the hole, which represent the idle adjustment screw T, the low speed adjustment screw L and the high speed adjustment screw H. If the carburetor is removed, you can see that the three screws are on one side of the carburetor.

2, carburetor adjustment method

Carburetor adjustment standard: Through the adjustment of the three adjustment screws of L, T and H, the chain saw has a stable idle speed, smooth transition during acceleration, and maximum power.

The following is the actual adjustment method of the carburetor

1. Turn off the chain saw engine, use the carburetor to adjust the screwdriver, and turn the high-speed adjustment screw H and the low-speed adjustment screw L clockwise until they move. It should be noted that the carburetor is a precision part and the screws must not be turned over.

Then turn the H-screw counterclockwise one turn and turn the L-screw counterclockwise one and a half times.

2. Start the chain saw engine and pull the trigger to open the throttle to about half of the position to warm it.

3. Adjust the low speed adjustment screw L in the idle state.

When the chain saw is running at an idling speed, the concentration of the mixed steam is controlled by the L screw, which is clockwise screwed into thinning (rotation speed rises), and counterclockwise rotation becomes thicker (rotation speed decreases).

Therefore, slowly turn the L-screw slowly clockwise to find the position with the highest idling speed, then turn the needle valve counterclockwise back to the quarter turn. This adjustment can not only ensure the idle speed of the chain saw, but also ensure the concentration of the cylinder mixture.

4. After the low speed adjustment screw L is adjusted, adjust the idle speed adjustment screw T. The clockwise rotation speed increases, and the counterclockwise rotation speed decreases. We need to adjust the chain saw to a stable minimum speed while keeping the chain from rotating.

5. high-speed adjustment screw H adjustment

High-speed adjustment screw H, the concentration of the mixed steam is mainly controlled by the engine during high-speed and large-load operation. When working at high speed, if the mixture concentration is too thin, the engine speed rises fast, the exhaust sound is crisp, and the engine torque is small. If the mixture is too rich, the engine speed rises slowly, the high speed does not go up, the exhaust sound is dull, and smoke is smoked.

Adjustment standard: When the engine suddenly increases the throttle, it does not turn off the flame, and a smooth and stable transition can be obtained. The sawing test is performed so that the sawing saw has the largest cutting force, instead of having the highest speed.